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Application fields of Vegetable Residues:

  • Biogas plants
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry



Yearly around 3 million tons of olive oil are produced worldwide. While so far the valuable olive oil outshines the huge amounts of resulting byproducts, right now the remaining olive oil water increasingly steps in to the for. The challenge in recycling has so far been the in liquid phase, high concentration of suspended matter and the existence of substances such as fatty acids and phenols. This led to the fact, that the residues were understood as a problem, since they can not be disposed of in the environment.


About the product:

But now comes a step forward into the future! If you collect the olive oil water in special collecting basins, after a long drying process you obtain the remaining solid mass called "Vegetal residues" or "VR". Every user of "VR" is not only allowed to see himself as part of the solution to the storage problem, furthermore it has an outstanding performance for producing biogas. RD InTraCom only trades with goods that we know and trust. In several weeks as well as elaborate laboratory tests the following spectacular values have been verified:



Average value


Dry matter (DM)



Organic dry matter (ODM)



Biogas yield


Nm / mt

Methan content




For comparison:

A conventional biogas plant, fed with maize silage, delivers an average yield of 200 Nm³ biogas per ton organic dry matter, which is why "VR" is much more than just a new substrate. Rather, it is a new trend-setting step for every biogas producer.


Similar to olive seeds, there is another area of ??use in cosmetics. The high phenol content of the "VR" is already widely recognized in the cosmetics market. The extraction of phenol is standardized accordingly.


The fermentation of organic residues from food production is on the advance in Europe, you should be among the first to benefit from "VR". Contact us for more information and let us support your success together.