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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of RD InTraCom contains 100% Tunisian olives. It is bottled in Sfax in southern Tunisia, where the largest proportion of all Tunisian olive oil is also produced annually. The high quality of this purest form of olive oil ensures a fresh, peppery taste that harmonises perfectly with a wide variety of dishes from international cuisines.
Our tip: Simply drizzle a few drops of this fantastic olive oil over your dishes - whether casseroles, pasta, grilled fish or whatever you like best. It's also wonderful as a dip for warm, freshly toasted bread. For wholesalers, we offer our olive oil in various bottling quantities.
Our production amounts to 20000 bottles per 8h shift. Due to the high demand we are currently expanding our production line so that we can fill 40000 bottles per 8h shift from the coming season.
Be part of our family and offer your customers Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.