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Application fields of olive seeds:

  • Biomass boiler
  • Thermal power stations
  • Plastics industry


Background :

Following the olive oil production olive seeds and -pulp can be obtained by separation of olive cake. The olive seeds visually differ in light and dark seeds.


About the product:

The light olive seeds are used in the cosmetics and plastics industry. Whereas dark ones have attracted attention with their high calorific value. As a result, olive seeds, which have been increasingly used as solid fuel for years, are becoming more and more important and are in greater demand than ever before. The following values speak for themselves:



Average value


Residual moisture






Calorific value

> 17

GJ / t

Carbon (C)

45,5 - 51,5


Hydrogen (H),



Nitrogen (N)

0,3 - 0,4


Oxygen (O)



Sulphur (S)





Kg / m³


For comparison:

The energy density of olive seeds is similar to olive pellets, while an immense advantage is that they do not need to be compressed. This saved part of the supply chain, as well as the high volumes traded by RD InTraCom, are transfered directly to our customers in form of a favorable price.


As experts in this field, RD InTraCom offers you not only a top price but also goods of above-average quality and purity. Our olive seeds are highly appreciated by large-scale industries of industrial thermal power stations, plastic industries and biomass boilers.


Thanks to our global network, we are able to continue building up our entire capacity, but now recommend getting on the train before he leaves.