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Application fields of olive cake:
  • Thermal power stations
  • Large-scale industries
  • Animal feed industry
Olive cake is one of the best-known recyclable by-products of the olive oil production. The olive cake is moist at the beginning and consists of olive kernel and -pulp. Due to special extraction methods, this first humid olive cake can be processed to dry olive cake. The liquid residues are also used for energy production, see Vegetal Residues.
About the product:
Due to the steadily growing demand for both alternative and efficient solid fuels, olive cake has become an established product among power plant operators, thermal power stations and large-scale industries. Olive cake is available year-round in large quantities and is also the initial material for the separation of olive seed. To ensure these high standards, we regularly do measurements for verification. RD InTraCom mainly deals with olive cake of the following specification:
Parameter Average value Unit
Residual moisture 13-15 %
Ash 2-4 %
Calorific value 17-19 GJ / t
Sulfur (S) 0.15 %
Chlorine (Cl) 0.2 %
Density 625 Kg / m³
Particle size < 4mm 95 %
Particle size > 4mm 5 %
Another area of use is in the animal feed industry, e.g. some of our customers use olive cake as an extender in animal breeding.
So if you are looking for a new raw material that can be perfectly used as a sustainable solid fuel for energy, you should contact us!