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About us

RD InTraCom is an extremely diversified international trading company for natural resources and other products. Being part of an international alliance of traders and with partners in France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Tunisia, RD InTraCom serves you with one special philosophy:
ONE for ALL, and all for YOU!
This means, that as “ONE” from of our largely diversified alliance “ALL”, we are able to process extremely fast and successfully any purchase or selling order for “YOU”.
E,g. if you want to promptly buy high amounts of a specific product, RD InTraCom will start its network engine and either serves you out of one or multiple sources at a competitive total price. E.g. if instead you seek selling high amounts of a specific product, RD InTraCom will sell this amount to either one or multiple buyers. Founded in 2011, RD InTraCom uses this approach and its base in Tunisia to serve business partners in EU, USA, UAE und North Africa with secondary raw materials such as olive biomass (cake, seeds, pulp), foods (olive oil, fish, canned food, beverages). On other product spheres, RD InTraCom also offers exclusive new developed recourses, read Vegetable Residues.
Our base in Tunisia hereby serves as an excellent starting point to exploit ample potentials with reduced entry barriers. Being a known expert for North-Africa, RD InTraCom has already served niches commonly thought being blocked. Also we have been able to open markets despite known African market characteristics and thereby enabled tremendous trading opportunities.
You can contact us in English, French, German and Arabic language to strengthen your success story with RD InTraCom. We continuously extend our product portfolio and re-proof our agility enabled by our setup in buying and selling.
RD InTraCom

Our Expertise